Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The perfect Domme/Mistress

The perfect Domme/Mistress is as follows:
  1. She struts around all around all day in a leather catsuits.
  2. She cracks her whip constantly.
  3. She loves to say dommy things like "on your knees slave" or "polish my boots with your tongue."
  4. She has an evil and seductive laugh (ah ha ha ha ha hah. Think the count from sesame street but with a more velvet tone).
Ah yes, fantasies. Wonderful aren't they. And all of the above are nice and a lot of men. But BDSM isn't just about knky fun to me. Its about evolving. It's about becoming a complete person and being able to express as many facets of myself as possible. So I'll take all of the above but I seek more, deeper (and darker. But beautiful darkness).
To me, the perfect Domme/Mistress is this:
  1. She is a person first. All to easy to forget this when the journey starts. Your mind focuses on the fantasy. But a fantasy is merely a series of images swirling around the imagination. They have no real substance. And what use is a fantasy fulfiled if you can't relate to the person.
  2. She is strong: By this I dont physically or strong in a "I can drink any man under the table, just watch me go" I mean strong in her femininity. Feminine stength is vastly different to masculine strength. It's what draws me to dominant women. She is fully aware of that strength but doesn't abuse it. She uses it wisely.
  3. She has kindness in her cruelty. By this I mean she doesn't view submission to her as an act of weakness that she merely exploits. Oh, she will exploit it but to her the submission is about balance. She knows that one cannot exist without the other.
  4. She has a sensual side.
  5. She wants to know you not just as a sub but as a person.
  6. She enjoys the power of bending you to her will but she doesn't do it because she wants to make you powerless. She does it because she wants to see you revealed completely. She can see something in you that is aching to be free and she wants to free it.
Yes, I know there is more and many people will have their own definitions. All comments are welcome

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