Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Natural Mastery, Consensual Mastery: A review

Natural Mastery, Consensual Mastery is one persons account of his journey through BDSM. I read the book late last night in one sitting and highly reccomend it to anyone interested in the lifestyle. While it's written from the viewpoint of a Dom/Master, I believe that reading it  will help a lot of people to understand where the need for Dominance and Submission comes from. 
  While not everyone involved in the scene will have what the author terms "A Master heart" or indeed from my own viewpoint a "Slaves heart" there are quite a number who do. What the author shows is that this is nothing to be ashamed of and that both sides of the coin are strengths and not weaknesses.
   What comes across very strongly in the book is the authors respect for individuals regardless of their gender or role and that he uses his dominance in an extremely positive manner. ie not to bully or intimitate a potential slave but as a means of helping both himself and them to grow as people. what he brings to the table is an essential ingredient. His Humanity.

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