Sunday, August 22, 2010


So once again another great night at Nimhneach last night. I was in two minds as to whether or not I'd go as i wasn't feeling a hundred per cent but I'm glad I did. That's the thing about Nimhneach it's the nights you don't feel totally up for it that turn out to be the best. 
  There was a great turn out. Approximately 180 people according to the organisers. The BDSM scene seems to be getting bigger and bigger and always great to see new people there. It took a while for me to totally relax. Lots of visits to the smoking area. As usual. But after a few cigarettes and beers I was totally in the vibe.
  No regular play parthner at the moment which is a bit disappointing but I always manage to have fun and I enjoy chatting with the people there. There is a real sense of community about the whole thing.
   I had some fun with Liz, who looked fab. She was in Domme mode and was deliciously wicked. After putting me in the cage for a little while, she lead me around on the leash like a puppy. And some very erotic shoe licking soon followed. And a light spanking. I also got my customary face slap from Roseanna. The night wouldn't be the same without one of them. 

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