Sunday, May 29, 2011

The look and the silence that says more than a thousand words

She looks at you. She does not speak. She looks at you. Her eyes say the words. She looks at you. And her eyes speak. Deep inside you they echo. You are mine. You do not hear the words. Deep inside you you feel them. You are mine.
You kneel before her. she looks at you. She does not speak. You are mine. You don't know why you kneel. You feel so humble. She does not speak. She looks at you. You are mine. You feel the power of the silent words vibrate inside your body. Your heart swells up. You lower your head and you kiss her feet. You don't why you kiss her feet. You cannot see her eyes but you can feel them. You can feel them touching you. you can feel them deep inside you. It's almost as if she is holding a mirror in front of you and showing you your secret reflection. A reflection that you keep buried. Because you thought that it was ugly and weak.
And now she shows you how beautiful and strong it is. You are at her feet. And she touches you. Your heart swells up. You feel a tightness against your neck. she raises your head so that you can see her eyes again. She does not speak. And then you see the collar. You feel the tightness. Has she turned you into a dog you wonder. Dogs wear collars.
Gently. she lays her hand on your head and you are at her feet again. And she never speaks. She does not need to. Her eyes say more than words ever could. You are mine. Yes, your heart replies. I am.

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