Sunday, May 22, 2011

Freed into slavery

To kneel before you,
To bow down to you,
To worship and even pray to you as though you were God,
to be humbled by you,
To abase myself before you,
To choose slavery with open eyes and heart,
To be all that you desire,
To feel your your touch and to see you glow,
To know that I am yours.
To crawl to your feet and lay down before you and await your command,
Or just to lie in silence,
While my heart beats in rhythm with the echo of your power,
To listen to your voice,
To discover my soul through servitude and surrender,
To know with a glance what it is you require.
For words not to be required,
To be chained before you,
And to feel the chains of the heart ripped free,
To be freed into slavery

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