Sunday, April 3, 2011

Submissive heart

You hear her footsteps,
Click, click click.
You feel your heart beating as she draws closer,
And you wait for the sound of her voice,
The anticipation of what may come fills you with both delight and dread,
And then finally the sound of her voice,
Caressing and piercing you,
Sinking deep into your mind,
The things she promises,
The things she threatens,
And you are not sure which one you desire more,
The promise or the threat?
Her hand then,
On your leash,
Tugging it gently,
And then more roughly,
Reminding you of her power,
You feel a sense of awe,
that she can do these things to you,
And make you desire shameful things but not feel ashamed.
You feel your collar tighten,
As she tugs again on the leash,
And you feel your heart tighten,
Your submissive heart,
You can feel the beauty of the moment,
You can feel her beauty even though you cannot see it
Parfois la beauté vue par l'oeil peut nous aveugler à la beauté de l'âme ou à la beauté d'un moment
Her hand moves across you,
A touch that can bring pain or pleasure,
And her power is such that both can be equal,
one complimenting the other,
she gives you no choice,
And she gives you every choice,
She makes you hers completely,
But she does not take it,
You give it freely,
You lay it at her feet,
And she can crush it.
You fight a war inside your mind,
Inside your heart,
But even though she is only an army of one,
It is more than enough to defeat you,
But surrender is not defeat,
Not when you ache to surrender,
Not when you ache to please,
Not when she can lead you through darkness,
And bring you into light.
Her caress bites now,
And pleasure becomes pain
But you feel her pleasure as she releases her power,
And the pain does not matter,
You are uncertain if you can stop this,
A word will stop it,
But like every moment before this,
There is a part of you that wants to be broken by her,
To be crushed by her,
To be remade by her,
To be more for her.
The thoughts are gone,
The doubt,
And you surrender totally to her.

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