Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's been a while

Well I haven't updated this blog in a very long time. I've been lazy. Shame on me. And quite a lot has happened.Unfortunately most of it has been relation to my vanilla life but there has been some stuff in relation to the other and considering that the non vanilla aspect of my life is  totally non depressive then I'm gonna focus on that. 
  Went to the last Nimhneach au femme. It's something I've been thinking about doing for a while and it was a lot of fun to totally change my image for one night. Many thanks to Beatrix for lending me the clothes and doing the make up. I think she did a pretty good job. I thought I looked pretty hot. But I may be slightly prejudiced there. LOL. 
 I also did a shoot with Stella and Dommy darko, which was a lot of fun. Stella looked fantastic in a purple and black corset and totally kick ass boots. I was wearing a pvc catsuit, dog mask and paws. We got a lot of attention- lots of car honking. The most amazing thing about it was that I was stone cold sober while doing the shoot but wasn't the least bit self conscious. 
 Got the photos yesterday and even though I'm in them I think they look stunning. Dommy did a fantastic job. I have the photos up on my fetlife profile. Hard to choose one but if I had to theres something about the one in black and white that really stands out. Fetish noir? 
  I'd certainly do more shoots. A beach would be pretty cool. 
  I'm probably a bit of an exhibitionist if truth be told, I love the whole vibe of public play. You can reallly feed off the energy of a crowd as they're watching you play. At least I can. It's not the same for everybody. Some people prefer the intimacy of a bedroom. I like that too but I'd need to have a really good connection before that happens. In many ways BDSM play is much more intimate than sex and you need a much deeper level of trust.

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