Sunday, July 17, 2011


Have not written a great deal lately. Partly because I had problems logging into the blog. Also because there has been a lot going on in my life. Some of it is work related but mainly it's been about progress. I'm learning more and more about myself as a person. I am developing a very deep connection with my Mistress. She is a great comfort to me. The fact that she wants to know me as a person means a great deal. Things are still in the early stages but so far they are going well. I feel inspired by her and wish to continue to develop myself as a person and become more for her. 
  I'm also writing more. I've published a book on Amazon Kindle books. Just a short collection of poetry and essays reflecting upon experiences and emotions I have discovered and grown into as a submissive. The writing came from the heart. I don't Harry Potter has anything to worry about just yet. LOL. This is a link to it. I hope to write further in regard to my development as both a person and a submissive. I don't think you can really separate the two. One develops the other.

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